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Abe tries to convince Roman to take over as police chief but Roman doesn't want the responsibility.

Abe then turns to Bo to consider the job.
The mayor barges in and announces that he has chosen Abe's successor.

He picks Hope to be the new acting police chief which surprises her and everyone else.

John's surprised to find Stefano having breakfast with Sami's babies.

Stefano announces that they must clear up their differences regarding his "empire."

He admits that he got the papers from John's attorney but thinks that he is asking too much to settle this matter.

John vows to see him in court if he doesn't get what he thinks is his fair share.

Though Marlena worries to Anna about John's recent behavior and mentions John's attack on Trent as reason for her concern, Anna states that she wishes Tony would show some jealousy where she is concerned.

Marlena confirms that she is going to divorce John but Anna urges her to reconsider especially since John has changed his mind and now wants them to give their marriage another chance.

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