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Stefano confides to Rolf of his plan to use John to destroy Marlena.

Hope wonders if she can handle all the responsibilities.

Bo and Roman claim this is a great way for her to help nail Stefano.

Pointing out she would be Bo's boss, Hope reminds him the job is a lot more than just going after Stefano and worries that she might lose touch with Ciara.

In spite of Bo's encouragement, Hope calls the mayor and turns down the job offer. When she remarks that the mayor didn't seem too disappointed, Bo guesses he already has another in mind.

Chatting with Anna at the Pub, John starts seeing double and then has a seizure.

When Anna brings him to the hospital, Kayla examines his brain scan and is shocked by what she sees.

She shows Marlena the hidden trouble that haunts John. While Marlena blames John's troubles on all that Stefano did to him, John announces that he will have no more tests and walks out.

Marlena rushes to the mansion and asks Stefano to help John. He claims that nothing can be done about him.

After she leaves, Rolf warns that John needs to be reprogrammed but Stefano wants to find someone new to use.

Daniel is surprised to see Chelsea is back in town but she is quick to bring up his affair with Kate.

A nauseous Nicole demands money from Trent and reveals that the police know about her past and that she's married to him.

Trent won't pay her a cent but suggests she go back into the porno tape business.

Max finds him with her and demands that he stay away from Melanie.

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