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Bo and Hope stare in disbelief as Caroline stands over Trent's body. Hope urges her not to say anything until she has an attorney.

Asking them to call Mickey, Bo's forced to arrest her.

While she is taken to jail, Steve and Kayla search the graveyard for clues and evidence.

Hope learns Trent's wallet is missing and that he was scratched by someone. The medical examiner discovers a fiber on Trent's body and guesses it may belong to the killer.

Stephanie is curious about Max's bloodied shirt.

Max confides he had a fight with Trent at the cemetery.

When they hear about Trent's body being found in the cemetery, Stephanie assures Max that she doesn't think that he had anything to do with his death.

Mel pulls money out of Trent's wallet for dinner but Nick insists he'll pay.

As Julie watches, Melanie sits on Nick's lap and kisses him. Concerned about why she's felt so nauseous lately, Nicole is stunned when a test shows that she's pregnant.

Daniel assures Kate that he'd like to have a biopsy done to insure that she does have lung cancer.

She asks him not to tell anyone about her condition. A tipsy Nicole needs help and complains about her stomach as well as feeling dizzy.

She asks Daniel for a drink but he explains he's waiting for her test results to come back. She complains that Trent has ruined her life.

Daniel's upset to find Kate has skipped out.

He returns later and announces to Nicole that she is pregnant.

Philip flirts with Chloe who admits that she misses singing. Lucas interrupts and encourages Chloe not to give up on her singing.

He suggests that Philip make a call to the Kansas City opera company that is being funded by the Kiriakis Foundation to get Chloe into the cast.

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