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Chelsea and Hope meet at the Pub and Hope dishes on Trent's murder. Chelsea guesses that Melanie killed her father but Hope claims there's no evidence.

Getting her talking about Daniel, Hope hears her admit that she wishes she had treated Nick better. Hope realizes that Chelsea still has feelings for him.

Steve helps as Bo and Roman discuss the murder of Trent and compile a list of possible suspects. Bo points out that Caroline may not be able to take another night behind bars.

He also claims that Caroline is not strong enough to have caused the bruises they found on the dead professor's body. The mayor interrupts and warns the Brady brothers about any shenanigans.

They resent the suggestion.

Pointing out it's an election year, Marino privately offers Abe some freelance work keeping an eye on Bo and Steve but he isn't interested, even with an offer of an advance in salary.

At the top of the list of suspects is Melanie so Bo orders her not to leave Salem. When she runs into Max, they accuse each other of killing their father.

Theo is thrilled when Chelsea returns to the hospital for a visit with him. Lexie is appreciative and learns that Kayla has taken her position as interim Chief of Staff.

Theo makes a breakthrough during his latest therapy session. Abe considers running for mayor of Salem. Stopping by Sami's place, E.J. and Lucas separately pick up the kids for their visitations.

Both are impressed to find Sami has been working on her resume in hopes of getting a job. Lucas suggests she fill in for Caroline now that she's been arrested for Trent's murder.

Sami can't believe it and faints. Later, Lucas returns to her place and finds Sami out cold on the floor.

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