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Lucas decides he needs time away from Salem. He asks Chloe to join him and she happily accepts the offer.

Kate shows up and, in between hacking coughs, quickly gives Lucas a hard time about being with Chloe.

Sami's upset to hear Chloe is going to the cabin with Lucas.

Maggie lectures Chloe about whether she should get involved with Lucas.

Mickey advises Lucas that he and Sami will have join custody of Allie.

Lexie opens up to a sympathetic Daniel about her troubles with Theo's autism, her husband and her job.

He offers to speak on her behalf to the hospital board about the lockdown. As she thanks him with a hug, Abe finds them together and pulls the doctor aside to warn him to stay away from his wife.

Later, Abe and Lexie are in session with Dr. Carrington who picks up on the tension between them.

Lexie leaks that Abe doesn't trust her but Abe defends his concern because of her past and claims he needs Lexie to show him that she's committed to their marriage and family.

He adds that he doesn't want her to be friends with Daniel at the hospital. Hope runs into Daniel and asks about Chelsea but he opts not to tell her that she ended things with him.

However, he does confess that he still loves Chelsea and hopes she will soon come to realize that.

Nicole warns Chloe about dating a man with a child.

E.J. advises Nicole about his feelings for her. Chloe tells Lucas she won't be going to the cabin with him.

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