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Justin brings the money to the station house. Dean calls Brenda to report that the ransom money has arrived. Brenda then calls Hope and tells her to check her email.

Hope finds a photo of a bound Ciara holding today's paper. Dean rushes to Brenda at the cabin and complains about Hope being made detective while he wasn't.

He kisses Brenda and runs off. Hope convinces Bo to let her make the ransom drop alone. Later, Bo has a vision of a masked person handing over Ciara but then pulling out a gun and shooting.

After spending the night in bed together, Melanie and Philip assure each other they have no regrets about having sex in their hotel room.

At the hospital Stephanie checks if Philip might have been admitted. She confides to Lucas her concern for the guy since he's not answering his phone. Lucas is upset that no one told him about Ciara.

Lucas later shows Nathan Chloe's living will which he just found. He points out that she doesn't want to be kept alive if there is little chance should could survive.

Nathan points out that until the document is filed and made legal, the doctors won't go along with them so it will be up to Lucas to decide.

Melanie arrives at the hospital and tells Maxine that she's taking the day off. After she's warned about her nursing class, Melanie chastises Nathan as she accuses him of "two timing" her with Stephanie.

Philip finds Stephanie at the mansion and she suggests that they consider getting back together.

Melanie arrives and secretly listens to them talk. Running into Daniel at the docks, Kate boasts that he will be charged with Chloe's murder once she dies and be sentenced to death.

Daniel counters that he knows she is responsible for what happened to her and reminds her that Chloe saved her life. Kate's unimpressed that she donated her bone marrow.

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