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Chad watches as Will dances with Mia. Will tries to kiss her after the song ends but she won't let him because too many people are watching.

After Will leaves, Chad asks Mia why she danced with Will to "their song."

She reminds him their relationship is over but he insists he still loves her. Later, hearing she is getting a ride home from Kinsey who has been drinking, Chad catches up to Mia and stops her.

E.J. advises Nicole that Sydney is very healthy and takes them home.

There he talks about surprising her with a late honeymoon and she convinces him to take her to Paris. Guessing she was on the phone with Nicole, Rafe questions Sami about her friendship with the woman she once despised.

Sami claims Grace's death changed everything for her. After she tells him he is nothing to her anymore, Rafe complains to Arianna who suggests he chat with Sister Theresa to find out what happened at the clinic.

Hearing she's away for a few weeks, Rafe confronts Nicole and demands she make time for him. Meanwhile, E.J. has taken a crying Sydney for a stroll and runs into Sami.

When he mentions her break up with Rafe, she insists it's none of his business and accuses him of being glad that Rafe is out of her life.

He denies it and then boasts of his plans for the honeymoon. Hearing Theo say the word "angel" over and over, Roman figures out he's talking about the man who kidnaped Ciara.

Theo nods when asked if the man had an angel tattooed on his arm.

Hope goes through a computer list of sex offenders and finds one with a tattoo living in Salem. Kyle and Brenda return to the cabin, complaining about the numerous roadblocks.

Dean offers to help and rummages through their motel room, removing any evidence that he is associated with them. As Bo, Hope and Roman find a clue, Dean pulls a gun on Kyle, Brenda and Ciara and shoots.

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