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Ciara tells her parents that Dean didn't save her. Kate slips into Chloe's hospital room and tells the comatose woman she'll soon return with news.

Nathan interrupts and demands to know why she is in the room.

Kate uses Lucas as an excuse but makes him curious when she pointedly guesses there is nothing that can be done to save her.

Nathan grabs Melanie and spins her around upon hearing the good news about Ciara. They both apologize for their harsh words the other night and she leaks that Philip and Stephanie are back together again.

Relieved to hear that Ciara has been found safe, Philip and Stephanie head to the Cheatin' Heart where they talk about their relationship.

He tries to tell her about his one night with Melanie but she insists that the past is forgotten.

Explaining why he can't help him, Brady invites Daniel to call Chloe's father who is a doctor.

Daniel confesses his affair with Kate and worries that she is responsible for what's happened to Chloe. Realizing the danger, Brady guesses she is obsessed with Daniel and agrees to see what he can do to help.

Later, Brady seeks Melanie's help with Chloe and she, in turn, seeks Nathan's help. He's reluctant until he recalls Kate's words about the patient.

At the hospital with Bo, Hope and Ciara, Roman worries that there might have been another person involved with the kidnaping.

Dean overhears them talking as Lexie offers to stay with their daughter while they question Dean. He tells his "hero" story and afterwards, Bo feels dizzy so Lexie offers to examine him.

Bo then carries a sleeping Ciara out but she reacts when she hears Dean clicking open and closed his lighter.

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