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Rafe approaches Dr. Baker and discovers he's been strangled with rope. He is attacked by two men in masks and knocked out. Sami arrives and assumes Rafe killed the doctor.

He denies it.

They search his pockets and then flee out the window when someone knocks at the door.

As Nicole defends keeping secrets from him, E.J. feels bad when Stefano arrives and claims that they've been planning a surprise birthday party for E.J. who quickly apologizes for ruining things.

Alone with Nicole, Stefano boasts that he has taken care of Dr. Baker.

She's stunned to hear that the doctor is dead. Stefano's smile disappears when Nicole points out Baker wrote a letter for his lawyer to deliver in case of his death.

Arianna convinces Brady that she has been trying to help Troy.

They end up kissing but when he gets a message from Victor, he invites her to come to the mansion with him.

There, Brady convinces Arianna to go skinny dipping with him. Melanie brings Nathan to see Daniel who enlists his help in trying to save Chloe.

Nathan agrees and while he runs to his car for her files, Melanie leaks to Daniel that Lucas intends to remove Chloe from life support tonight.

Daniel panics on how he can help but Nathan comes up with a way to get him in to see her. Lucas calls Kate and tells her about his decision to "pull the plug" on his wife.

Assuring him he's doing the right thing, Kate offers to accompany him back to the hospital where she'll sit by his wife while he starts the procedure. After Nathan brings in a syringe and medication, he leaves Daniel with Chloe to try one last effort to wake her.

Out in the hall, Melanie and Nathan panic when Lucas claims that Kate is inside Chloe's room saying goodbye.

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