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Calling Chloe, Daniel announces that after Kate's exam today, they should be able to leave town together. Daniel finds Kate standing behind him and she claims that if her health is better, it's all due to him.

Maggie interrupts and asks Kate if Lucas told her why Chloe ended things with him. Admitting he didn't, Kate claims she still hopes the wedding will take place.

After Kate leaves, Maggie lectures Daniel that Chloe's not in love with him but with the idea of doing something illicit.

Daniel orders her to get out and insists that he and Chloe have done nothing wrong. Meanwhile, Lucas asks Chloe why she ended their relationship. Chloe insists she loves him which only angers Lucas further.

Philip's not happy when Victor reports that Brady was able to handle a client that had troubled Philip.

Victor goes on about Brady's abilities and then upsets Philip further when he reveals that he invited Brady to do some PR with Melanie.

Philip asks for one more chance with the controversial alternative fuels project and Victor agrees but warns it's his last chance.

Later, Brady tells Philip he has no desire to work with Melanie.

E.J. accuses Melanie of having feelings for Philip but she denies it and asks how she can prove her loyalty. When he runs into Brady, E.J. advises him that he's not on the guest list for his and Nicole's wedding.

Philip sees them together and demands to know what Brady's doing with "the enemy." Afterwards, Philip rushes to the DiMera mansion and calls out E.J. Victor warns Kate that Chloe can't be trusted but she insists on getting her back with Lucas.

At the Pub, Lucas considers taking a drink and, after Melanie tries to talk with him, he does. Melanie later leaks to Maggie about Lucas drinking.

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