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Dr. Baker hands Sami the baby and announces that she is healthy, but Sami gives her an odd look. She points out that the baby is not crying.

Nicole panics when she calls home and E.J. answers the phone.

Hanging up, Nicole decides she'll stay at the clinic and orders Dr. Baker to get rid of Sami. Sami tells the nun that they have to get out of the clinic.

After the doctor finds Sami has gone, Nicole calls home again and hands the phone to Dr. Baker who lies that Nicole is in labor.

Bo refuses to tell a curious Hope why he doesn't want her near Kayla.

As she treats the wounded assassin, Kayla remarks that she thinks she remembers him. He suddenly attacks her but Daniel arrives and grabs the dangerous patient.

But after he gives him a sedative, the assassin stops breathing until Daniel brings him back to life. Kayla calls her husband and asks Steve to bring the sketch by the hospital.

She also calls Bo but when she can't reach him, she ends up talking with Hope.

Kayla asks Hope to come to the hospital too and when she arrives, she claims the man in the sketch is in the other room.

The assassin grabs Kayla again and threatens to kill her.

Maggie accuses a nervous Chloe of kissing Daniel and won't stick around long enough to hear her excuses. Chloe chases after her and insists this happened by accident but Maggie doesn't believe her.

Maggie tries to talk with Lucas about what she saw but keeps getting interrupted.

Chloe convinces her to keep her secret and promises to stay away from Daniel.

Rafe makes his way to the convent where he is reunited with Sami and the new baby. Rafe insists they're not safe there but collapses before they can leave.

E.J. rushes into a room at the clinic and is thrilled to see Nicole holding his daughter.

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