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Maggie tries to stop Lucas from drinking. Now that he knows the truth about Chloe cheating on him, he says he can't stop.

He decides to go find her but first blames Maggie for sending Chloe to the doctor. Ordering a drink for herself, Maggie threatens to take a drink for the first time in years.

When Lucas claims his kids are better off without him, she slaps him.

As Chloe prays for help, Daniel calls and insists she meet him at his place. There, after he updates her on Kate being in remission, she claims that she knows now that they were meant to be together.

Nicole tells Brady that Dr. Baker thinks that Brady's in love with her. Brady admits that he does love her but only as a friend.

Realizing that Stephanie is watching them kiss, Melanie turns on the seduction act for an unsuspecting Philip.

Disgusted by what she sees, Stephanie interrupts and starts trash-talking Philip. She then warns Melanie that Philip is using her to keep the alternative fuels project.

Philip denies it and Melanie tells her to go home.

Stephanie demands that Philip choose between her and Melanie and he chooses Melanie. After Stephanie runs crying to Chelsea, Melanie advises Philip she knows he was conning her and kicks him out.

Stephanie returns and hits Melanie. E.J. argues with Stefano about whether he can handle Melanie and get the project for them. Stefano warns that he thinks Melanie will ultimately choose Philip.

Meanwhile, Philip overhears Brady assuring Nicole he'll keep her secret about the baby. Having tricked Maggie to slip out of the bar, a drunk Lucas pounds on Daniel's door, demanding that he come out and face him.

Alone inside, Chloe decides to answer but before she can, a gas leak causes an explosion.

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