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Maggie warns Daniel that she told Lucas about Daniel's affair with Chloe. After the explosion, Chloe finds Lucas lying on the floor.

Realizing he's not breathing, Chloe performs CPR and offers in a prayer to end things with Daniel if Lucas comes back to life.

Later, Lucas starts breathing again.

At the hospital Chloe's relieved to hear Lucas is fine and Daniel calls it a miracle that he rally has no injuries.

E.J. finds Melanie and Stephanie fighting and orders Melanie to back off. Insisting he has business to discuss, E.J. sends Stephanie away and then offers Melanie two contracts to sign.

She responds that she needs time to consider this decision.

He won't allow it and insists that she sign.

After she does and admits her fears about Philip, E.J. assures her that the DiMera family will protect her but warns her not to betray him.

She gives him the second half of the formula and demands her cash.

After hearing her chatting with Brady. Philip confronts Nicole and wonders aloud what secret they're hiding.

Nicole denies there is one and when he threatens to tell E.J. he saw her with Brady, she calls his bluff so he grabs his phone. Nicole stops him.

He demands that she get E.J. off his back or he will tell E.J. she was with Brady. Stephanie ends up crying to Brady about her run-in with Melanie and Philip. Brady decides to go see Nicole and runs into E.J. again.

E.J. boasts to Nicole about beating the Kiriakis family but she asks him to back off. Melanie finds Stephanie at the Pub and insists that nothing happened between her and Philip.

She later tells Philip that she's done with him.

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