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Charlotte advises John that hypnosis is not the way to proceed with memory retrieval and he storms out. Brady offers Marlena some encouraging words.

John joins them and seeks her opinion, calling her "doc" as he does.

Once Brady leaves, John explains what Charlotte told him. She responds by kissing him. She apologizes afterwards but he admits it was a reminder of what he's fighting for.

Marlena guesses that he is close to making a breakthrough.

When Charlotte arrives and wants to talk about his case, Marlena finds Brady and admits her suspicions about her fellow therapist and thinks the hypnosis was working.

Charlotte suggests it might be best for John if he left town with her. After his father chastises him for representing Nick in court earlier, E.J. boasts to Stefano that he may have found a way to "restore" the DiMera name.

Stefano's interested when he hears it involves taking the alternative fuels project from Victor. When Chelsea arrives at the courthouse, Melanie gives her a hard time about not being there for Nick's sentencing.

Just then, Nick is walked out and is thrilled to see Chelsea.

Nick then explains to Max that he's asked Mickey to deliver the patent to him and asks him to make sure it stays out of "the wrong hands."

Nick gets a chance to say "goodbye" to Chelsea. After a business meeting, Philip compliments Melanie on how she handled it.

Nicole talks up E.J. to Mia and assures her that she will always protect her baby. She then brings Mia to the DiMera mansion and shows off the nursery.

E.J. thanks Melanie for her words to help Nick today.

Brady slips into Charlotte's office to watch the video of John's session and realizes that Charlotte's lying.

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