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The assassin wakes Rafe who's tied to a chair. He lies that he doesn't know where Sami is and asks who hired him.

The killer responds by pulling out Rafe's Taser and zapping him with it. Afterwards, he panics when he can't rouse Rafe.

As he tries to revive him, Rafe frees a hand and attacks the killer who uses the Taser on him again.

He then ties Rafe up and when he comes to, Rafe agrees to talk.

Nicole panics to hear Sami knocking on Sister Teresa's door.

The nun sneaks Nicole out another way and then lets Sami in. As Sami talks about the father of her baby, Nicole secretly listens from the other room.

Nicole then confronts Dr. Baker and tells him a nun will be contacting him soon about a baby. Later, Sami tells Sister Teresa that she's got to go find Rafe.

The nun won't let her and as they argue, Sami feels a stomach pain and guesses that she's going into labor.

Abe lectures Bo about working harder to find the person who killed the mayor. When Lexie bring Theo to the Pub, Abe eyes them and thanks Bo again for helping Theo.

Bo pulls Steve outside and enlists his help to find the assassin. Bo then confides that he's been having visions and just had one about Hope. He reveals that it felt like death to him.

Bo then tells Hope that he's taking her off the hunt for the assassin which upsets her. Mia calls Nicole and announces that she is in labor.

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