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Sami tries to help when she finds Rafe with a fever but he won't allow her to call anyone. Sami decides the best thing him is to give him a bath.

Following her into the Pub, Melanie goads Stephanie about "losing" Philip. Stephanie assures her she hasn't lost him.

Bo warns Philip not to break Stephanie's heart.

Philip calls Stephanie who agrees to meet him at his place.

There, she assures him she approves of a relationship between them. But when he pulls away after a kiss and claims he needs time, she lashes out at him.

Philip explains he's worried about hurting her but she assures him she wants to be with him and suggests they go upstairs to his room.

Maggie advises Melanie that Nick would like her to attend his sentencing hearing. She also offers her some advice about Philip but Melanie considers using Nick's hearing to get Philip.

After Nicole thanks him for proposing, E.J. asks what happened to her car.

She lies about it and then decides to tell him the truth.

First, however, she tries to hand back the engagement ring but he won't take it. When he drops his briefcase, she finds inside a prenuptial agreement.

As she panics, E.J. explains that it's Stefano's idea and then rips up the document. Later, Nicole confronts Dr. Baker who shows her photos of prospective parents.

Stefano asks a reluctant Lexie to bring Theo over so he can give him a present. As they argue about his diet, Theo wanders up the stairs and then starts tumbling down them.

Bo confirms to Hope that he's no longer having those visions. She invites him to take time off and go to the lodge with her.

Bo then has a vision of Theo on the stairs.

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