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As Lexie finds her son unconscious after his fall, Bo panics because of his vision about Theo and calls for an ambulance. Stefano dials 911 and learns an ambulance is on the way.

As Theo is taken to the hospital, Bo and Hope arrive at the DiMera mansion and listen to Stefano explain what happened.

After Dr. Baker tells Nicole that the pregnant woman changed her mind about giving up her baby, Nicole demands to know who she is.

Baker refuses to tell but Nicole grabs her file and runs out.

Later, Nicole finds Mia and explains that she's going to adopt her baby. Mia advises her that she's changed her mind and is keeping it.

Nicole has her almost convinced to give her the baby when Mia learns that she's not married and refuses to help.

Nicole again convinces her to let her adopt the baby but Mia asks to meet the father too. In the midst of having sex, Philip suddenly announces to Stephanie that they can't do this.

He suggests they go on a date. Deciding to "take her life in a different direction," Kate ends her relationship with Daniel.

She goes on to explain her reasons but Daniel's called away.

Kate finds Philip and invites him to a little engagement party tonight for Lucas and Chloe. She suggests he bring Stephanie.

At the hospital Tony tries to calm Lexie as she blames herself for her son's fall. Lexie vows to be a better daughter because of this.

Daniel explains that he needs to operate on Theo because of the pressure building up in his skull.

Stefano butts in and demands to hire a specialist but Daniel claims there's no time. Tony runs off to find Abe.

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