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Daniel advises Lexie that if he doesn't operate on Theo now, he'll die. Abe arrives and gets an update before he comforts a worried Lexie.

Stefano tells Lexie that he's arranged for a specialist to help but she orders him to back off.

As they argue, Daniel arrives and explains that Theo is done in surgery and now the next 24 hours is crucial to his survival.

E.J. isn't interested when Brady worries how Nicole will be affected by the DiMera way of doing business.

When Mia demands to meet Nicole's future husband before she'll agree to give them her baby, Nicole lies that he's out of town but then claims he'll be back today and will meet her in an hour.

Nicole then calls Brady and asks him to meet her.

When he does, she explains that she wants him to pose as her future husband so she can adopt a baby for her and E.J.

As they argue, Mia interrupts and asks Nicole if she's marrying Brady.

Chloe shows off her engagement ring to E.J. who announces that he and Nicole are now engaged. Lucas starts to lay into E.J. until he reveals that he told Sami that "she's free."

Lucas denies that he has any interest in being with Sami.

Later, Kate advises Chloe and Lucas that she is throwing an engagement party for them tonight. Chloe is hesitant but then agrees while Kate decides she wants to invite Daniel in person.

Lucas questions Chloe about her hesitancy but she downplays his concern and insists she wants to marry him. Worried about his visions, Hope suggests Bo talk with a psychiatrist.

Hope and Bo are relieved when Abe calls with the news about his son.

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