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Max complains to Melanie about Chelsea uninviting him to the engagement party. She urges him to go by himself.

Sulking about John and Charlotte, Marlena admits to Maggie that she wishes she knew more about the therapist.

She explains that she's envious that Charlotte can help John but she can't.

Maggie pushes her to do some snooping into Charlotte's past to ease her conscience. Charlotte hypnotizes John and takes him back through his life in hopes that he'll start to remember things.

The first thing he remembers is Marlena.

Though Chloe asks him to leave her room, Daniel guesses she wants him to stay. The two start kissing but then Chloe pushes him back and reminds him that she's with Lucas and he's with Kate.

Daniel stuns her with the news that he and Kate ended things. He accuses her of wanting him. Composing herself, Chloe claims that she loves Lucas.

When that doesn't stop Daniel, Chloe slaps him. When Chelsea joins the engagement party downstairs, Lucas welcomes her and leaks that Kate and Daniel ended their relationship.

He then wonders where Chloe is and heads upstairs to find her. Meanwhile, Daniel and Chloe start removing their clothes.

Sami tries to grab Rafe's phone to make a call but discovers he's got a fever. He asks her to help him to the bathroom so he can take a shower.

After she does, she spots his cellphone but Hilda stops her from using it and asks her to trust that they are close to nabbing the killer.

The assassin gets a lead on Hilda. He later finds her walking near the docks and grabs her. As Rafe sleeps, Sami decides to slip out of the apartment.

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