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Melanie reassures Philip that Stephanie will change her mind and come back to him. She offers to cover for Stephanie. He nixes the idea, however.

Brady is quick to blame Philip when he hears about Stephanie.

He privately warns Melanie to butt out of other people's lives, pointing out how she may have ruined his friendship with Arianna.

Kate is pleased when an "associate" brings her the box she requested. At the hospital Stephanie and Nathan introduce themselves.

She realizes that he is Melissa's son while he figures out that she is Kayla's daughter. Melanie convinces Stephanie to go out with her tonight.

After Chloe receives a clean bill of health, Lucas offers to grab Daniel's clothes from his place for the TV shoot later.

Meanwhile, Kate has slipped into Daniel's place and plants the bottle of poison in a place where the police will find it.

Hearing Lucas and Chloe's voices, Kate hides but unknowingly drops her scarf which Chloe later finds. Sami invites Rafe to move in with her but he doesn't think it's a good idea.

After much discussion, she convinces him to live with her.

Later, when E.J. arrives and spots some boxes, Rafe confirms he's moving in with Sami. He warns E.J. that Stephanie is going to testify against him tomorrow and dares him to attack when E.J. threatens him.

Meanwhile, Nicole tells Sami that her husband is dropping the custody suit.

When Sami holds Sydney for a moment, E.J. finds her with his daughter and demands that she hand her over. He then chastises Sami for allowing Rafe to move in with her when she knows nothing about him.

Rafe unpacks a ring box and eyes another newspaper story about Emily's death.

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