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Rafe burns the newspaper story about Emily. Will interrupts and shows he's not pleased to hear he's moving in. Rafe offers his place.

He describes the anger Will has because of what Sami did, suggesting that Sami had a legitimate reason for not telling anyone Grace's true paternity.

Admitting how much he cares for Chloe, Daniel questions Brady about why he ended his marriage with her.

Downplaying their marriage, Brady claims they are great friends now and is surprised when Daniel admits that he's doing a TV show with Chloe even though Brady urged him to stay away from her.

Mentioning the charity aspect of it, Daniel agrees that he can't do the show and calls Chloe to leave a message about talking with her before the taping.

Brady finds Arianna working at the Pub and apologizes for the way he talked about his past. He explains that he would like to have dinner with her.

Arianna reveals that she had a boyfriend who was an addict and therefore, is hesitant about being friends with him.

Kate is relieved when Lucas and Chloe leave Daniel's apartment before spotting her. Later, as the TV taping gets underway, Kate's pleased when Chloe unknowingly eats some of the poisoned food.

Afterwards, Lucas announces that he must go to Hong Kong for business.

After sending Nicole home with Sydney, E.J. argues with Sami but agrees to drop the custody suit. However, he also vows to look into Rafe's past and warns that he will find out something she doesn't know about him.

Back at home, Nicole isn't pleased to hear E.J.'s going to investigate Rafe.

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