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Kate calls to wish Chloe a happy day off from taping the show. Chloe grabs her stomach and collapses. Kate panics when she finds Daniel at his place.

Eyeing the bottle of poison she hid there earlier, Kate urges the doctor to stay. He won't do as she asks though.

Later, Kate is pleased as she listens to the altered tape of Daniel's voice, vowing to make sure no one will have Chloe if he can't have her.

Nathan overhears Lexie telling Stephanie that she has been hired to work at the hospital.

When Melanie calls to invite her on a surprise picnic, Nathan laughs at the idea of trusting Melanie. Meanwhile, Melanie calls Philip about coming on the picnic too.

But when the two unsuspecting guests see each other, both rail at Melanie who convinces them to stay. As Chloe remains unconscious, Lexie is frustrated that she can't figure out what's wrong with her.

Chloe wakes long enough to tell Lexie that she doesn't want any help from Daniel. Out at the nurse's station, Daniel hands in his letter of resignation.

As Sami and Rafe kiss on the couch, she realizes she's sitting on something and opens the ring case. Thinking it's for her, she finally realizes it was Emily's. He assures her that Emily is in the past.

Later, Sami's affected when she finds one of Grace's toys.

Will thanks E.J. for dropping the custody lawsuit and offers to send him some photos he has of Grace. Mia joins Will at the Java where Chad can't stop staring at her.

Kinney urges Chad to forget about Mia. He's curious to hear Mia was in rehab.

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