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Nathan meets Melanie to celebrate her passing the nursing test. Nathan's paged and must return to the hospital. Melanie agrees to wait for him.

Meeting with the board at the hospital, Philip flirts with an attractive board member who turns down his invitation.

Stephanie overhears this but doesn't say a thing.

Philip later invites Melanie to go for a ride in his new sports car but she's not interested.

As Chloe is being released from the hospital, Kate asks her to take one final show today before Daniel leaves town.

Kate advises her that she thinks he's leaving town because of Chloe.

Stopping by the apartment to see Johnny, Roman finds only Rafe at home and realizes that he's moved in with Sami. Knowing that he told lies but protected Sami, Roman warns him not to hurt her.

Rafe responds that he will protect Sami, even with his life. Meanwhile, at the picnic site, Sami finds a woman crying out the name Emily and learns that she is missing her sister who died.

Introducing herself as Meredith Hudson, she reports that she and her family used to picnic here with her sister Emily and the man she was going to marry.

Realizing she must be Emily's sister, Sami asks how her sister died but Meredith won't talk before she walks away. Rafe arrives and mentions his run-in with Roman.

He suggests they lie back and enjoy the day but she claims she must pick up the kids. Sami calls Roman and asks him to find out everything he can about Meredith.

Kate assigns Maggie to help her with her clothes for the taping and then douses the brownies for today's shoot with poison.

Kate then makes sure that Chloe starts eating the brownies.

Kate places a call to Maggie and plays the doctored tape which features Daniel vowing that no one will have Chloe if he can't have her.

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