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Stephanie tells Philip about her argument with Melanie. The two come close to kissing but Henderson interrupts with an update on Lucas.

Philip points out nothing has changed. She repeats that she can't be with him and leaves.

Staring at Kate, Daniel tells Hope and Bo that Kate poisoned Chloe.

He remembers that she came to his apartment a few days ago to try to convince him to do one more show.

Bo considers it gave her the opportunity to plant the poison and then suggests that Lucas' trip out of town gives him a perfect alibi.

Daniel suggests that Kate was jealous.

Admitting she knew about the affair, Kate claims that she loves her daughter-in-law.

When Lexie advises them that there has been no change in Chloe, Kate boasts that she's the only family member here and goes inside to see her.

Daniel panics, worried that Kate might try to harm Chloe.

Roman calls Sami to let her know that Meredith Hudson is staying at the Salem Inn.

Hoping for an evening of romance, Rafe is disappointed when Sami decides she must go back to the Pub to retrieve something she left there. Sami later runs into Meredith by the docks.

After revealing why she skipped their date, Melanie is pleased when Nathan invites her out to dinner again.

E.J. falls asleep while arguing with Nicole and dreams of Sami holding Sydney, calling the baby hers. Brady confronts Maggie at the hospital and reveals that he called Craig and Nancy.

Hope's surprised Kate didn't make that call earlier. Kate's not pleased when Brady's tender words make Chloe squeeze his hand.

Bo insists on taking Daniel to the station house after his fingerprint is found on the drug vial.

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