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Rafe confronts Sami about why she keeps lying. She claims it's none of his business but he asks if she was asking about Emily. Sami tells Rafe that he keeps things hidden from her.

Insisting on complete honesty, Sami proceeds to tell him all of her past misdeeds. Rafe confesses that on the day of their wedding, he was driving too fast and crashed the car.

He reveals that Emily died in the accident so "he killed her."

Embarrassed, Rafe leaves. As Victor demands that Kate "fix things" so that Daniel is kept free, Lucas rushes into the hospital and gets an earful from Lexie about what's happened to his wife.

After he goes into Chloe's hospital room, Victor threatens to tell everything Kate revealed to him earlier if she doesn't save Daniel.

Kate is unimpressed by his threat. When Philip arrives, Victor tells him that Daniel is innocent. He also hints to Kate how Lucas will react when he learns that his mother is responsible.

Abe warns Bo to place Daniel under arrest but Bo thinks he's innocent. Daniel again pleads with Hope to keep Kate away from Chloe for fear she'll do something to end her life.

Bo questions Daniel who points out there was no need for a prescription because the drug was available at the hospital.

He also tells Bo it's odd no other fingerprints were on the prescription, not even the pharmacist who filled it. Bo finally has Daniel booked.

Hope questions Lucas who admits he was in Daniel's apartment and at that time, Chloe found a scarf there. After telling him about Chloe and Daniel's affair, Kate pushes Philip to tell Lucas.

He's against the idea but when Lucas interrupts, Kate starts with the revelation only to be finished by Philip.

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