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Arianna and Brady show up at the Horton cabin to clean and find each other there. Melanie comes up with an excuse or two to explain her "mistake."

Arianna trips and falls into Brady's arms. Taking a shower outside, Melanie panics when Nathan sees her.

E.J. brings Johnny to the Pub for a donut in hopes of getting the boy to spill the secret that he and Nicole are keeping from him.

Nicole panics when she realizes Sydney is missing from her playpen.

She is going to call the police when Stefano strolls in casually, holding the baby.

She lays into him for taking her daughter without asking but he reminds her that there is more of his blood in her than Nicole's. E.J. interrupts and finally asks Nicole about her secret.

She lies about badmouthing Sami in front of Johnny.

After E.J. leaves, Nicole warns Stefano about Rafe snooping around the mansion. E.J. returns with a gift of her locket with photos of Johnny and Sydney inside.

After thanking him, Nicole privately calls Sami.

Will confronts his mother about Caroline's concern for her and realizes that Sami now doesn't trust Rafe. Sami denies it but he points out that she has lost everyone in her life.

After Will leaves, Rafe comes clean about Emily, calling her the love of his life who died unexpectedly on their wedding day.

Stefano makes a call about Rafe and Emily. Mia's upset when she discovers that Chad has also been hired to work at the Pub.

She reminds him that she never wanted to see him again but he claims he can't stop thinking about her.

When Will arrives, Chad guesses he's the reason she wants nothing to do with him and announces that he is Mia's boyfriend.

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