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Mia assures Will that Chad is not her boyfriend. Chad boasts to Will how Mia was hung up on him but Will calls him a liar.

Having heard her leaving a message for Sami, E.J. demands some answers from his wife.

Nicole admits that Sami has been calling her about the custody battle for Johnny. E.J. is outraged but then calms down.

Stefano interrupts and privately warns Nicole that he knows she took Johnny to see Sami. Stephanie faces off with Philip who babbles about his love for her and how much he needs her in his life.

Stephanie doesn't say a word so Philip hands her a box containing a necklace with a Greek pendant attached.

Refusing it, Stephanie hands him the keys to the new car and claims she can't accept that either.

He kisses her and she responds but won't go upstairs with him.

Philip invites her to go to Greece with him and start over but Stephanie insists the only way she'll be safe is if she stays away from him.

Later at the Pub, Stephanie tells Nicole she'll be testifying at the hearing tomorrow but won't reveal what she'll say about E.J. and her kidnaping.

Stephanie later advises Victor that she and Philip are history. Bo offers Philip some advice about life as a member of the Kiriakis family.

At the Horton cabin, Brady and Arianna are about to kiss when they hear Melanie screaming outside in the shower.

They rush outside only to find an embarrassed Nathan there.

After Melanie dresses, Nathan admits the family motorboat is out of gas which means they're stranded there for the night.

As they wonder what to do, Brady suggests playing poker. Calling it boring, Melanie invites them to play strip poker instead.

As the cards are played, the guys ending up losing their clothes first, much to the gals delight.

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