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Philip escapes from the morgue drawer. Owen grabs Stephanie and gains the upper hand.

He orders Philip back into the drawer but Philip's claim about Stephanie being pregnant startles Owen.

Philip uses the moment to overcome their captive and starts beating him until Stephanie screams at him to stop.

Still locked inside the crypt, Brady hears a noise from outside as Bo and Hope call out for him and Melanie.

After they respond, Bo and Hope break into the crypt and rescue them.

Melanie leads them to the building where Owen is holding Stephanie and Philip. Bo has a beaten Owen handcuffed and presses him to tell him who he is working for.

As he's taken away, Owen warns Philip that he's not through with him.

Mia advises Will that she's thinking of leaving town and guesses that it's not a good idea for him to hang around her.

Lucas interrupts and privately talks about his own recovery battles after he learns she's in a 12-step program.

Lucas pulls Will aside and explains that because she's in a recovery program, it's not a good idea for her to be in a relationship right now.

Will refuses to end it and Mia watches as he yells at his father. E.J. advises Nicole that he needs to find Owen.

Nicole informs him that Rafe is officially adopting Grace.

E.J. fumes because that means he'll be around Johnny too but Nicole accuses him of being jealous because of Sami. Downplaying her concern, he suggests that it's Nicole who is really jealous.

After sex, Rafe surprises Sami with copies of the paperwork he filed to make him Grace's dad. After Rafe leaves, Sami calls the doctor about moving up her baby's appointment because of the fever she's running.

Sami panics when she glances at Grace in her crib.

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