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Victor apologizes to Brady. The latter is reluctant to accept it.

After Victor congratulates him for standing up for his family, Brady shakes his hand and agrees that he is back in the family.

When Lexie complains to E.J. about removing Stefano from the hospital, he assures her that Stefano is doing everything he should to control his diabetes.

She mentions seeing Nicole at the hospital, concerned about Grace. He considers going there but opts to stay with his father and Sydney.

At the hospital Caroline advises Sami and Rafe that she has called for a priest to come. Sami panics and insists they don't need Father Matt.

However, when the priest enters, she allows him to tend to Grace. Later, Daniel disconnects the machines after Grace stops breathing and he tells everyone in the hall that the baby has died.

Daniel hurries to the chapel where Chloe encourages him.

He suggests she go to her husband. In the morning, E.J. finds Nicole with Sydney and she explains that Grace died during the night.

Back in the apartment, Sami falls apart as she grabs a stuffed toy out of the crib. She asks him to get Allie and Johnny so she can tell them what happened.

But when Rafe asks Nicole to let him take Johnny to see Sami, E.J. won't allow it. He offers to bring their son but Nicole convinces him that he should stop being rude and allow Sami to grieve.

Will, Mia and Rafe bring the kids to see Sami who rushes to embrace them.

As she sits them down on the couch, Rafe offers his help but then leaves when she asks to be alone with her children.

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