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Chloe warns Daniel that Kate confronted her about their affair. He warns her that Kate will not leave this alone.

Kate advises Lucas that she is flying to London to be with Billie. He asks her why she was arguing with Chloe.

Katie explains that she never really liked Chloe but Lucas reminds her that he's in love with her and she makes him happy.

He asks her to respect his wife.

Later, Lucas asks Chloe what Kate is holding over her.

Accusing Nicole of trying to kill him, Dr. Baker threatens to call for a nurse but Nicole stops him and insists his fall down the stairs was an accident.

When he considers calling the police, she warns that he'll lose his medical license if he reveals what they did. Realizing this is true, Baker decides he can tell E.J. to keep Nicole from trying to kill him again.

Later, Baker writes a note stating that if he dies, Nicole is responsible. At a warehouse E.J. approaches a body covered with a sheet and calls out "father."

Victor assures him that Stefano is alive. EJ. tries to attack Victor but the bodyguard prevents him.

Victor explains that he knows his father has diabetes and adds that he has insulin for him but first, he and E.J. must negotiate.

After a nurse injects Stefano, his body moves a bit. Victor hands E.J. a contract to sign giving him DiMera Enterprises. Hearing there is a $5 million check to accompany the deal, E.J. refuses.

Victor gives him 72 hours to reconsider or Stefano will die. Max chats with Bo and Hope about Chelsea going to London.

After Bo reports how ill Billie is, Chelsea calls and reports that Billie is doing better.

Bo has a vision about Ciara and her stuffed teddy bear.

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