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Nicole is wondering how she can get Baker out of her life. Victor presses to sign the agreement to save Stefano's life.

Nicole finds E.J. upset and learns about the trouble that Victor has caused. She encourages him, suggesting that as a lawyer, he'll find a way to get around Victor's contract.

Nicole then heads to the hospital leaving E.J. to stew over what he might do. As he does so, E.J. remembers Stefano's words of advice.

When he notices a painting of his father hanging on the wall, he removes it and finds an envelope taped to the back.

Inside it, he finds passports and some papers including a phone number.

He calls the number and reaches Owen who is doing maintenance at the Kiriakis mansion. Stephanie tells Philip that she will marry him.

He gives Victor the good news and Victor responds that soon, they will control the DiMera family. When Stephanie tells Caroline about her nuptial plans, she's shocked and pulls her away for a chat.

She asks Stephanie if she's talked this over with her parents. Stephanie admits that she hasn't and then insists that Philip isn't anything like Victor.

However, as she returns to Philip, she overhears him tell Victor that he wants the DiMera family "eliminated."

Victor promises Caroline that Stephanie will be safe. Rafe returns to Sami's and starts kissing her. Grace's crying causes them to stop.

They end up taking the baby to the hospital where Lexie explains Grace has an infection. Sami panics when she sees Dr. Baker as does Nicole who fears that her secret is about to be revealed.

Instead, Sami runs to Rafe to tell him about Baker.

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