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As she questions Rafe's feelings for Sami, Arianna senses that her brother has yet to have sex with her. Rafe says it's none of her business.

When he confesses he loves her, she worries that he'll be hurt.

Mia opens up to Brady about her lies to cover the fact that she was pregnant in high school. He urges her to tell Will the truth.

She then explains why she can't reveal Nicole's adoption secret.

Will interrupts and after Rafe leaves, Mia corrects one of her lies, telling him she hasn't been to any meetings since she was in rehab.

Brady calls Nicole and leaves a message about his meeting with Mia.

When he spots Arianna nearby, he accuses her of listening to his conversation.

Daniel finds Philip has collapsed and starts to call for help.

Philip stops him and insists that it's nothing and that he is safe. Daniel decides to have Philip's pills examined.

Later, Philip goes looking for Stephanie and can't find her.

Remembering their argument about the idea of getting married, he worries that she left him.

Hiding an unconscious Stephanie at the morgue, Owen calls E.J. to report his good news.

However, before E.J. can respond, an angry Sami knocks his cellphone out of his hand and breaks it. He's furious and tries to fix his phone.

When he lashes out at her for what she's done, she senses he's in the midst of something he shouldn't be.

Sami also blasts him for putting their son in danger.

However, she decides to leave Johnny there and walks out after he makes a snide remark about Grace.

E.J. grabs another cellphone and calls Owen who opts not to answer for fear that he's being followed.

Owen panics when he discovers that one of Stephanie's earrings is missing.

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