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Caroline lashes out at Victor for what happened at the docks. She doesn't believe he doesn't know where Stephanie is.

She's further upset when Sami tells her that Rafe is going to adopt Grace. Rafe arrives and announces that he's found a new job though it's in construction.

Caroline's surprised to learn Rafe and Arianna are related.

When Rafe confides to his sister that the woman doesn't approve of him adopting Grace, Arianna agrees with Caroline.

Sami defends her decision to allow Rafe to adopt Grace but warns him that no one likes the adoption idea. Mia's pleased when Will defends her to Kinney who claims she can't be trusted.

At the mortuary, a scheming Melanie talks with Owen's dad about looking for a place to bury her grandmother. She starts asking him questions about his family in hopes of uncovering information about Owen.

Owen hides with Stephanie but as attendants bring in another body, Melanie spots Stephanie's earring and leaves.

An angry Brady asks Nicole where Stephanie is but she claims she doesn't know. He leaks that Mia lied to Will about being a drug user to keep him from finding out she was pregnant.

Concerned she might tell Will her secret, Nicole later warns Mia that she can't trust Will. When she talks about how nice Sami is, Nicole tries to correct her, calling Sami deceitful and someone you can't trust.

As they argue, Mia lets slip that Sami has agreed to let Rafe adopt Grace. Owen thanks his father for dealing with the snooping woman.

Outside, Melanie warns Philip about seeing the earring and urges him to call the police. Instead, he considers breaking in to the morgue.

Stephanie tries to crawl out to make her escape but Owen catches her and pulls out his gun, threatening to take care of Stephanie's snooping friend.

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