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Arianna tells Rafe that Nicole bought Mia's baby she guesses that Nicole switched Mia's baby with Sami's baby. She describes her lengthy theory.

He sends her to his place for some clothes and some cash he hid. When she returns with his things, Rafe explains his desire to get DNA.

Catching her lying to Chad, Will asks Mia what she means about her partying days in Chicago. She claims that she slept with a lot of guys and that Chad is not the father of her baby.

After Chad angrily runs off, Will advises Mia he knows that she was lying to keep Chad from taking the baby.

Mia insists she was telling the truth and when he's convinced, an angry Will wonders how many more lies she's hiding. Chad tells Sami about Mia's claims and vows to go ahead with the DNA test anyway.

Nicole worries to Stefano about his plan to fool E.J. and Chad.

Kate arrives after Nicole leaves and questions him about why she was there. Warning that Nicole will be moving back into the mansion, Stefano orders Kate to be accepting.

Hearing that he's back with Arianna, Victor warns Brady that he heard she's dealing drugs in Salem. E.J. makes a call to someone about whether Rafe knows Arianna's dealing drugs.

When Kate brings Stefano home, Stefano urges E.J. to be accepting of Nicole now.

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