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Stefano and E.J. argue about Nicole and her baby. E.J. insists he would not want Nicole. Brady calls him a liar.

Victor urges him to think about the times he's been with her and wonders if he didn't see signs that she was dealing.

Remembering when he found the packet of cocaine, Brady orders Victor to stay out of his life and storms out.

Justin helps an upset Ciara be more accepting of Hope.

Sami finds Mia talking with Nicole and interrupts. She tells her how upset Chad and Will are.

After Mia points out she doesn't deserve a great guy like Will, Nicole points out that Sami and Nicole both made mistakes when they were younger.

Agreeing, Sami apologizes and sits with them.

Later, Mia finds Will and states that if he can forgive her, she promises she will never lie to him again.

He claims he's not interested and walks out. Hoping to get Sami's DNA, Rafe slips into her place and figures out that Nicole must be staying with her.

He spots a teething ring and takes it but then is forced to hide when Nicole returns with Sydney. Rafe's saved when Stefano calls and orders Nicole to come see him.

But when he grabs Sami's toothbrush and leaves, he runs into Sami. Insisting that Carly can stay upstairs, Bo argues about her needing Justin's legal help but agrees to contact him.

Running into Justin, Bo's not happy to find a photo of Hope and Ciara on his cellphone and then explains that Carly is back and needs his help.

Brady confronts Arianna and starts searching her place, asking her where the cocaine is. Stopping by the house, Hope finds Carly sleeping in a bed upstairs.

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