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Rafe hides as Nicole comes home to Sami's. She panics as Sami wonders if E.J. might sue for full custody of Sydney once they get the DNA test.

E.J. finds Arianna crying at the docks but can't get her to open up to him about what's bothering her. He mentions that Rafe left town and Sami who has to deal with her grief about Grace alone.

Arianna tells E.J. that she wants nothing to do with him because he dumped Nicole and her baby. Rafe meets Arianna at her place and boasts that he will soon have the DNA results.

Hope updates Victor about her run-in with Bo and Carly at the house. He assures her that Vivian would never return to Salem.

She later talks with Justin about Carly and he guesses that she is not a killer but must have had a reason for her actions.

Melanie daydreams about Philip flirting with her and urging her to cancel her date with Nathan to go out with him instead.

Snapping out of her fantasy, Melanie accompanies Nathan back to his new place where they end up in his bedroom. Though he suggests they go back downstairs, she starts kissing him.

But as they kiss and start to strip, she imagines she is with Philip. Nathan stops when he's called back to the hospital.

Melanie remains behind and continues her fantasy of being with Philip.

Nicole updates Brady that Chad may not be Sydney's father and becomes upset when he worries about Mia and not her. Urging Carly to go back upstairs and stay out of sight, Bo tells her about Shawn Douglas and about Zack's death.

Later, Carly has a nightmare in which Lawrence stabs Bo and decides she can't stay there any longer. However when she opens the door, she's startled to find two "agents" standing there who announce they are arresting Carly.

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