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Philip tries to flirt with Melanie but she pushes him away. Not taking "no" for an answer, Philip presses on but she kicks him out.

Melanie finds Nathan at work and, after kissing him, suggests they get together afterwards at his new place.

Sami tells Stefano that Mia wants Sydney to stay with Nicole. They argue about how many fathers her children have.

E.J. hears the nosie and rushes in to find Sami arguing with his father. E.J. holds Sami back after Stefano tells Sami she deserves to come home to an empty crib.

Rafe opens his eyes and Omar explains that he is on a boat in Salem Harbor. Though Bo orders her to stay in hiding at his house, Carly slips out.

Bo follows her to the boat where she finds Rafe has disappeared.

Carly claims not to know anything about the missing man and adds that's why she didn't tell Bo about him. Carly then introduces Bo to Omar.

Handing her the court document, Chad tells Nicole that he wants a DNA test performed to prove that he is Sydney's biological father.

When he taunts her with his legal ploy, she announces that he's won and hands him the baby. He smiles until Sydney starts to cry. Nicole tells him to be a father.

Instead, Chad hands the crying baby back to her and Sydney calms down.

Rafe approaches, staggering as he walks, and then crouches down behind some shrubs. Nicole lectures Chad about being a father all the time and insists that she will not let him take her baby.

Rafe regains his balance and continues to walk.

Furious with Sami, Stefano advises Nicole that he has decided Sydney should remain with her and will keep the baby's parentage a secret.

Nicole shows him Chad's court order. Rafe arrives at Sami's place, unaware she's inside arguing with E.J.

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