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Having stabbed Lawrence, Carly grabs papers from a locked drawer after he mumbles that she'll never find something. She then gets a flight back to Salem.

Philip apologizes to Chloe for his mother trying to kill her and reveals that Kate is now married to Stefano. He hands her annulment papers sent by Lucas.

She shows them to Daniel and he urges her to stop feeling guilty.

Brady's not happy when Mia admits that she told Will that she had a baby and he told his mother who later leaked the secret to Maggie and Chad.

She explains that she agreed to start dating Chad again to prevent him from looking for the baby. Chad finds her depressed and accuses her of wanting Will.

Mia reminds him that she only yesterday agreed to go back with him and insists he give her time to forget about Will.

Just then, Will arrives and spots them embracing.

She confirms she's with Chad again and Chad shows off by kissing her. Mia lies to Will that once Chad learned about the baby, she realized she still had feelings for him.

Complaining to Justin about Hope taking Ciara, Bo asks for legal help.

The attorney warns that a courtroom is not a good place to deal with family issues but Bo states that Hope is not returning any of his calls.

Knowing he's dealing with diabetes, Kate worries when Stefano orders a huge and fattening lunch at the Chez Rouge.

Meanwhile, Maggie decides to hire Sami.

As E.J. rants, Nicole finally confesses that she did lie about their baby. She admits she turned to Brady for support but only because E.J. was in Europe.

E.J. demands to know whose baby they have and places his hands around her throat when she won't answer.

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