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Realizing what Dr. Baker had to do with the baby switch, E.J. it cost Nicole a lot of money. Nicole insists Sydney is their daughter.

Although, he points out she is not his flesh and blood.

She counters that she did what she could to insure she gave him a baby. E.J. kisses Sydney and warns that it's the last time he'll do so.

He points out that a blood transfusion could kill the baby but Nicole states that E.J. is Sydney's real father.

Finding him on the ground and bloody, a man pronounces Lawrence Alamain dead.

On the flight to Salem, Carly remembers various moments with Lawrence and guesses that Bo will be able to help her.

Justin tells Bo he may not return to Dubai after all and hints that he and Adrienne have been having trouble as Bo and Hope have been.

As he watches Kate at the Chez Rouge, Philip runs into Sami and thanks her for convincing Lucas to enter rehab.

He then interrupts Kate and Stefano, boasting that Stefano knew he would be there and brought her to rub their marriage in his face.

After Philip leaves, Stefano urges her to believe Philip will change as time goes on. As they talk, Daniel and Chloe arrive for lunch and are seated behind them.

Daniel surprises Chloe with a key to his apartment though he agrees they'll wait until her annulment is official. Kate can't take it anymore and starts to walk out.

Stefano tries to follow but suddenly grabs his chest and collapses. Daniel starts performing CPR and asks Kate what she did to him.

He hands Stefano over to the EMTs when they arrive and warns Kate to stay away. Left behind, Kate faces off with Maggie and Chloe who wonder when Stefano will drop dead.

Sami brings a flower to Grace's grave and is pleased when Will arrives. They talk about Grace, Rafe and Mia who Will explains is now back with Chad.

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