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Lucas reveals their mom is marrying Stefano and claims that Philip is the only person who can stop her. Philip guesses Stefano is holding something over her.

After leaking the wedding is tonight, Lucas heads to the Cheatin' Heart and starts drinking after imagining Daniel and Chloe together.

Outraged to hear what she has done to Daniel, Victor orders Kate to get out of the mansion and defends his support of the doctor.

She boasts that she's engaged to marry Stefano. He guesses Stefano is blackmailing her and warns Philip will never forgive her.

Philip later pleads with her to come clean about what she did to Chloe and suggests an insanity plea will keep her out of jail.

With Tad by his side, Chad arrives at Maggie's house and interrupts Mia and Will as they kiss. They remind them about the school project in which they learn about taking care of a baby by caring for an egg.

Will and Mia agree to be the parents first while Tad and Chad "monitor" their parenting skills.

When Tad accidentally allows the egg to fall and break, they grab another and Chad suggests he be the father to Mia's "child."

Mia quickly refuses the idea.

A drunk Lucas interrupts and Will realizes his condition as he passes out. Will then introduces them to his father. Confirming that she has been released, Daniel invites Chloe to live with him.

At his place, Daniel agrees to sleep on the couch after Chloe reminds him that she is still a married woman. At the Chez Rouge, Maggie and Abe have a laugh after Stefano admits he's marrying Kate there tonight.

Victor arrives and guesses that Philip will convince Kate to change her mind. Stefano calls Kate and warns her that he has all the evidence from the motel room locked up.

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