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Kate's arrives at the Chez Rouge for her wedding only to be told off by Maggie. Stefano yells at her to back off.

She's also upset to see the Carver family is present.

Admitting he crashed the wedding, Victor threatens Kate. Stefano uses Theo to force Abe and Lexie to witness the nuptials.

In the park, Philip confides to Melanie that his mother is marrying Stefano. He adds that he thinks that his mother did do everything Daniel claims she did and is getting help from Stefano to cover it up.

After Lucas passes out on the floor at Maggie's house, Will tries to leave with Mia but Chad and Tad stop them.

Lucas comes to and drunkenly insults Mia before he starts complaining he can't find his car keys. Will calls Maggie about Lucas. As Lucas starts stumbling around the kitchen, they call for an ambulance.

At the hospital, Maggie guesses he's suffering from alcohol poisoning and urges Will to support his father. Will tells her he doesn't want to hear about his father's problems right now.

Coming home, Sami fails to see a hidden Meredith who has knocked out Rafe. Sami runs out to look for Brady and admits her frustration in trying to find Rafe.

Meredith moves a captive Rafe to a secret place where she whispers to the unconscious man that she will make him pay for killing her sister Emily.

When Sami calls, Meredith disguises her voice and tells her that Rafe is unavailable and will never come to the phone. Philip arrives at the restaurant in time to see Kate marry Stefano.

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