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The motel owner claims he can't delete the video of Melanie having sex with Philip. Brady grabs the computer and, with a few keyboard taps, deletes the video.

The owner orders him and Arianna to get out but the police arrive and arrest him. Melanie arrives for work at the hospital and is shocked to see Nathan and Stephanie watching the video of her and Philip.

Philip arrives with flowers for her but Stephanie won't forgive him for sleeping with Melanie.

When Rafe uses his own key to enter Sami's place, Nicole hides the letter sent by Hynes the lawyer.

Rafe asks if Sami knows that she is there.

She insists she's waiting for Sami to return with coffees for them.

Grabbing the lattes at the Pub, Sami is pleased when a woman compliments the baby she has and tells her that Sydney looks just like her.

When she returns home, she's shocked to find Rafe there

Nicole slips into the bathroom and rips up the letter before flushing it down the toilet. Rafe is suspicious and Nicole decides it's time to go.

Afterwards, Sami claims she trusts Nicole but not Rafe so she asks for his keys back. Maggie finds Chad in her kitchen and threatens to call the police.

She spots him with the letter addressed to Mia and presses him for answers. He hands it to her as Mia arrives and confirms who he is.

Outside, Mia blasts Chad for stalking her and stealing her keys

As they argue, Nicole enters the kitchen and spots the letter from Hynes. She grabs it and convinces Mia that it was a restraining order she asked an attorney to file and now she just wants to destroy it.

Mia falls for the story as Nicole takes the letter. Victor gets a report on Arianna. Rafe hears from Sister Theresa.

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