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For some reason, they're still showing flashbacks to the day everyone came on board.

The Time Master shows Rip something of earth in 2175. He has the ugliest cape on. It looks like a nuclear survivor's blanket with his grandma's broach holding it together. Aliens ruin the earth after the earth is already decimated unless Vandal unites everyone. 

Snart sneaks back into the Waverider to see Sara, who wont go anywhere without the rest of the team. She calls him on the gun he points at her. She doesn't believe he's going to shoot her. She's right. 

Interrupted by a phone call. 

Mick is being interrogated Time Master style, and he's being very mouthy. I love it.

The time masters needed Rip to go rogue, and they're the ones who ordered Savage to kill his family.

They showed Rip Ray's death and said that no matter what happens, he cannot stop it.

Stein and Jax argue about stuff. Stein is being arrogant as usual. Although, I'm not sure how Jax is speaking in terms like "reroute the temporary buffer off the temporal flow" in the first place."

The time masters have Mick brainwashed and he's ready to down his Chronos outfit to kill Sara and Snart.

All available time ships were ordered to pursue the Waverider by the dick. Critical systems were being overridden by...Captain and Tenille!!!

Chronos busts into the room and fires just as commanded. At the second in command time master.

Awww...Mick didn't turn into Chronos by focusing on the team. And if Ray tells anyone, he'll shave his head.

Everyone goes to blow up Oculus. 

They meet Dick there.

The jumpship shows up and Jax saves everyone. 

The team goes to the green thing. Kendra tries to get Savage to leave Rip's team.

Rip knows if Ray puts his arm inside the Oculus that's how he'll die. Ray doesn't care. He just wants to make a difference.

Ray says Mick was a hero. Sara agrees.

Rip asks Gideon about his family. They're dead.

Ray goes to talk with Mick. The Oculus is gone. From this moment forward, their actions are their own. 

Mick still feels a need to kill someone for Snart. Ray notes that Savage is still alive. Mick thinks that fits in nicely.

Without the time masters backing him, time is no longer set out, they can change things as they see fit.


DC's Legends of Tomorrow
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DC's Legends of Tomorrow Season 1 Episode 15 Quotes

Rip: The time masters have this thing called the Occulus that allows them not only to gaze into the future but to engineer it.
Ray: A future where I'm dead, apparently.
Sara: Why would they want you dead?
Mick: Have you ever listened to what comes out of his mouth?

For a time master, you sure waste a lot of it.