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Ray goes to 1990 to get teenage Mick Rory.

Apparently Pilgrim only has one opportunity to kill each Legend and the Legends only have one opportunity to extract themselves. Up next is Sara in 2007.

Weird to think there won't be anymore scenes between Sara and Laurel.

Sara and Mick head back to save herself. Sara spots herself fighting to save...herself.

Sara and Mick are the only ones who can be saved for certain. Gideon loses site of the Pilgrims' temporal wake.

Confirmed. If these guys die in the past, they'll die in the present. While they're discussing it, Sara notices young Sara and Mick are slapping each other.

While Ray is worrying about dying back then, he's suddenly plagued by temporal anomalies by way of big internal injuries. In 2014, the Pilgrim is doing severe damage to him. Rip rushes off to save him and Kendra uses the opportunity to get mushy. 

She finds a ring that fell out of his pocket. One second she was saying she'd spend the rest of her life with him and the next she's all angsty over the ring.

Temporal micromanipulation. The ability to control time in one's immediate vicinity.

Abducting themselves as newborns is also a possibility. They begin to consider it.

Ray overhears Kendra and Sara talking about Kendra's response to her engagement.

Kendra and Sara kidnap baby Snart from the hospital. Up next are baby Stein and bay Jax. They can't participate in their own abductions to avoid paradox something or other.

Jax always thought his dad was MIA before he was born, but he saw him before he shipped out. He was able to connect for him the first time ever.

Rip is taking the young Legends to a safe house. To their lives, it will only be a minute. It's to his mother's house. His name is Michael. She looks like Mary Poppins and works for the Time Masters. 

Mick threatens his young self. If he ever plays with fire as he did the one that killed his family, he'll kill him. Young Mick says he sounds like his dad.

Kendra tells Ray why they can't be together. Ray says it's simple. Choose happiness, or choose a different, bitter version of yourself who couldn't find it for herself.

The Pilgrim wants the baby Legends or she'll kill their families. She has conveniently chosen only one member for each, those we've seen in this episode for most.

They soundly defeat The Pilgrim when little Rip stabs her, giving her a chance to fix things.

Stein never said goodbye to Clarissa because he assumed they would return to the exact moment they left. Not sure why they made that assumption.

Ray has Anna back. Weird.

Jax tells his dad to watch his head so he doesn't get killed. 


DC's Legends of Tomorrow
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DC's Legends of Tomorrow Season 1 Episode 12 Quotes

Young Sara [looking at older Sara]: Oh my God. She's...
Mick: Quite the badass.

Come with me if you want to live. I've always wanted to say that!