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Chronos is using superior time master technology and overrides the Waverider commands. 

Chronos takes Snart. Is Chronos Mick? Why else show Mick in the previously on part?

Ten minutes later the trio realizes they have been marooned. 

Ten hours later, they leave their location in Oregon.

Ten days later they're in Hub City.

Ten weeks later, they're playing the game of Life.

Ray makes a radio, and it blows up. Sara is done. She's packing up. She needs to find someplace she belongs.

Two years later? Ray is a professor. He's teaching Bill Gates' father.

Kendra and Ray are celebrating their anniversary. Ray's gift to Kendra is his time beacon. He wants to destroy it. And he has a ring for her, too. Just then the beacon goes off. 

The Waverider returned to 1960. So we have a full fledged romance that will be all kinds of angsty without having to see it all unfold. Good gracious.

Kendra is very excited to be back, Ray? Not so much. 

Mick reveals himself to Snart.

The time masters found Mick and he spent lifetimes there, being reborn and retrained. Seeing Snart is scared.

Kendra and Sara face off for Rip and Ra's. Mick comes in and Ra's lets everyone go to battle him.

On Chronos' ship, Snart freezes his hand to break free. He gets to Nanda Parbat just in time to save Mick from being killed.

Rip wants to use the opportunity to rehabilitate Mick.

Kendra wants to move in with Ray.

Kendra tells Ray what she was really going through while they were together. She was losing herself, her memories and her powers. She felt bad telling Ray, because he was so happy.


DC's Legends of Tomorrow
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DC's Legends of Tomorrow Season 1 Episode 9 Quotes

Kendra: I certainly don't have to go back to the apartment to get any of our old junk.
Ray: Old junk? We lived there this morning.

You should have figured it out by now. After all, I am supposed to be the dumb one. [removes helmet, revealing Mick]