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Drag racing kids run into Vandal Savage.

When Kendra and Ray pose as a married couple in 1958, they discover they're not accepted.

Jax is going undercover as the new kid in town.

The new doctor and his trusty nurse/assistant are Stein and Sara.

Snart and Rip are playing the FBI, good guy and bad guy.

When Jax sits next to the girl from the car accident, everyone freaks out. He's black!

Betty is a real forward thinker. She asks Jax to hang out.

One of the doctors at the insane asylum is Mr. Harassment Man.

Savage is a neighbor of the interracial couple.

A hawk man is killing people.

Jax finally brings up the elephant in the room.

At the party, people assume Kendra is a servant.

Sara is liberating a woman in the hospital and doing shots.

Stein gets called away from the party. He's keeping...vampires? the the hospital.

ATOM goes into Savage's man cave. 

Sara's friend kisses her instead of talking about Dr. Knox's patients.

Betty kisses Jax on their date, too.

Savage was injecting serum from the asteroid into the teenagers, changing them into Hawk-like creatures. 

Savage was kicked out of a window and the boys fixed, but half the team was left behind in 1958. Whoops.

DC's Legends of Tomorrow
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DC's Legends of Tomorrow Season 1 Episode 8 Quotes

Stein: Excellent, nurse. I could also go for a cup of coffee.
Sara: Me, too. Black, two sugars.

We're just gonna pretend like none of this happened? That Mick Rory wasn't part of our team? If you can just ice your best friend like that, I'd hate to think what you could do to us.