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Rip apologizes to Mick. It's his fault Mick is in the position he is currently as he brought him along under false pretenses and when he didn't fall in line, he asked Snart to end him. Mick says that's fine, eh wants to kill them both.

They head to 2147 to tear down a dictator.

Why Rip puts in a contact lens just before walking up to a body guard for scan and it isn't noticed is beyond me.

Despite the fact that Vandal Savage has maintained the worst hairdo through centuries, he manages to retain positions in government and other popular areas. He's a tutor to the young boy. Per Degaton is the springboard for Savage's rise to power. 

This makes no sense.

Nonetheless, the team argues over murdering the punk, as Snart calls him. Stein wants to start 

Kendra remembers her life with Carter and her son. 

Crime has dropped precipitously. In fact it's nonexistent. Well, not really, because we saw a purse snatcher upon their arrival in the city. Just because he was caught doesn't mean it wasn't crime.

They discover Ray is Dr. Bryce's great great great great grandfather. He started the company. There is a bust of his head, right there. It's Hannibal Lecter.

Time wants to happen. Trying small acts to stop it aren't usually enough. 

Rip takes the jump ship because he's going to kill Per Degaton.

Kendra feels like she's cheating on Carter with Ray. 

Good God. How often does a show make you want to kill a child? Now, that's when.

Wait. Ray has a twin? Named Sydney?

The kid sounds just like the Little Drummer Boy in The Little Drummer Boy, the 1968 classic Christmas short.

Not committing murder is generally considered the right thing. Not when you're at war. 


DC's Legends of Tomorrow
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