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Only Ray is excited at the idea they're hiding out in the Old West in the town of Salvation. 

Mick promises to help keep an eye out on everyone. 

Stein figured that with Rip's duster, he was quite the Old West aficionado. 

They walk into town looking probably a little damn confident for an entire gang.

Mick and Sara talk about how he's changed. He likes the way she handles her liquor. She notes the boys used to want to take advantage, but usually ended up under the table. She's never been drunk with him. Aha. A challenge.

Stein gets the gang in trouble when he stands up for the wait staff as she's being manhandled. When the dude draws on Stein, Snart kills him. Even though it was a clean shot, the patrons don't much care.

Jonah Hex doesn't think much of playtime, and wants it to stop. He recognizes everyone as time travelers and wants to know where Rip is hiding. He has some words that need saying.

Ray wants to be hero, and saving a town from a marauding gang of criminals like the Stillwater gang is what heroes do.

Kendra bumped into someone in the saloon that set off memories. She thinks if she talks to the lady she might be able find Carter. Of all the places in the world, wouldn't that be quite the coincidence?

Ray gets to be the new Sheriff. He also tells Jonah they have stuff back on the ship that can fix his, you know. 

Ray plays the part and scares someone out of town. 

Rip once lived in this timeline due to a "drift" similar to the one Ray suffered. The gang similar to Stillwater attacked the very day after he left. Rip is also worried about Stein treating a sick boy with 21st Century medicine, but he can't leave with a feeling of such regret.

The person Kendra finds there? Herself. Alone. Carter in her time was called Hannibal. She tried to find love again, but he wasn't a soul mate and it was like fate was prying them apart and eventually broke both their hearts. Tragedy or heartbreak, that's how it always ends if the man isn't Carter.

The legends are trying to take down Stillwater. Ray is reading someone their rights when Snart reminds him there won't be Miranda rights for another 100 years.

The little boy Stein saved was HG Wells. Awwww.

Kendra doesn't tell Ray the truth about what she learned from herself, despite telling him that she was telling him the truth. That's unfortunate and won't end well.

The Pilgrim is after everyone. They're totally screwed.

DC's Legends of Tomorrow
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DC's Legends of Tomorrow Season 1 Episode 11 Quotes

Ray: No, no, but this town is being terrorized by the Stillwater gang and I am to do something about it.
Mick: Aim to. Gettin' all native on us, haircut.

Why can't a gang ever be a bunch of good guys?