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Kontar or Contar is crash landing somewhere. Oh, Mississippi in 1863. He's surrounded by Confederate soldiers and about to meta out. Poor bastard.

The parts of Firestorm are listening to the message from Future Barry again, arguing over whether they have told anyone else. Because for as smart as Stein says he is, he's an idiot.

Sara interrupts, they have something.

They head down to Mississippi and save Henry Scott, former slave providing intel to the Union army. There are very fast Zombies on the way toward him.

There was a real Henry Scott, but he lived until the age of 68 in 1910, leaving behind a wife and four sons.

Mick was bitten by a zombie. Oh my.

Sara and Nate goes down to talk to the Union Army while Amaya and Jax go to do something else.

Jax gets into a bit of trouble when the owner of the house he's infiltrated thinks he's being disrespected and starts calling Jax "boy."

While Stein is whining like a big baby on the ship, Jax is shackled, held in a barn with other slaves. 

Sara pings Ray for help, but he says they're all on their own.

Oooh. Lots of zombie stuff. Amaya and Jax free the slaves. 

And...Mick chases Stein and Ray before the cure kicks in and he thinks he's kissing Stein.

Jax got the map from the freed slaves and tells General Grant that he's Henry Scott.


DC's Legends of Tomorrow
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DC's Legends of Tomorrow Season 2 Episode 4 Quotes

Ray: Just calm down.
Stein: I will not calm down! He was menacing enough before he turned into one of the walking dead!

Ray: You OK?
Mick: We were attacked by zombies. And somebody put sprouts on my sandwich.