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Damien Darhk and Eobard Thawne are chatting about teaming up. Thawne wants Darhk to think bigger. 

Jax and Stein are arguing.

Mick is helping Ray get accustomed to the cold gun. He has to be cool.

Nate is making a time seismograph to track aberrations. He wonders if Amaya can share what she knows about his grandfather. Um, no. The JSA didn't do much fraternization.

Amaya and Nate arrive at the JSA training facility to discover nothing better than was in 1942. She's worried it was her fault, especially when she sees a portrait of them all on a dusty piece of gym equipment as they were when she left.

The rest of the team are infiltrating the White House of the Reagan years as tour visitors. 

While Mick and Ray are breaking rules eating Reagan's jellybeans, Sara spots Damien Darhk in the White House and goes after him.

In the JSA training facility, right after Obsidian lands and Amaya greets him, he asks why she abandoned them and Nate conks him over the head.

In the White House Heat Wave and the New Captain Cold take on some guards, crossing streams and tossing their asses backwards. Firestorm flies on over. Seems a bit like overkill, but bullets are flying. The temperatures dove out the windows and I have no idea where Sara wound up.

The Justice Society continued fighting until 1956 when Eisenhower sent the team to Leipzig. They never came back. Obsidian only lived because the others thought he couldn't be trusted.

Sara realizes it's not a good idea for her to be anywhere near Damien Darhk, so she sends Ray and Mick. 

Mick realizes Ray cannot be Captain Cold because it makes him ff fff feeeeel and that's not good. 

Meanwhile, Marty Stein followed Damien Darhk to the park and got himself into a bit of trouble. How much? Well, Stein is on the ground in the present, so that doesn't look good.

Martin and Marty are being cared for in the Waverider.

Nate and Amaya realize Obsidian can get into the State Dinner to figure out what Damien is up to. He thinks Amaya's feelings for Rex are clouding her judgment. 

Amaya gets everyone into the dinner and The team rolls into to the theme from Top Gun because of course they do.

Martin sees his younger wife at the dinner and dances with her.

Sara wonders what Amaya will do with Rex's killer when she finds him. Arrest him. She was a member of the Justice Society, not a vigilante. That seems to confuse Sara.

Big fight ensures, all kinds of stuff happens. Sara knows it's a speedster helping Darhk. She stole the box off of Darhk, though. Nate hugs her. There will be more!

Obsidian took a bullet for Amaya. That's nothing, he says.

Amaya wonders why Obsidian wants to stay in 1987. Because he's fallen in love.

After he leaves, Amaya tells Nate about his grandfather. He loved to sing, to lift the spirits of the team when they thought all was lost. Nate seems a lot like him, if you ask me.

The 1987 Darhk wants to be a time traveler and Thawne has a thing that looks like the ride the kids were stuck in on Jurassic World and RF runs around it and that's it.


DC's Legends of Tomorrow
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DC's Legends of Tomorrow Season 2 Episode 5 Quotes

Mick: There's nothing wrong with the gun. You just gotta be cool, like Snart.
Ray: Yeah, I can be cool.

Jax: Did you really just use Doc Brown on me?
Stein: Who the hell is that?